Temenos Journey Manager

Journey Manager productizes the technology needed for a best in class digital sales experience in a pre-built platform. This allows financial and government institutions to create their user experience, without having to engineer the complex security, data capture, resiliency, convenience and integration features required underneath.
The Accutive Financial Services team is trained and certified on the Temenos Journey Manager platform (formerly the Avoka platform) and can guide your organization through your digital transformation initiative.

Business & Commercial

Streamline customer onboarding, creating an agile digital experience for both customer and banker, in applications including treasury, cash management, small business services, and more.

Retail Banking

Transform your digital customer acquisition, accelerating speed-to-market and increasing conversion rates across channels to drive openings and revenue.

Wealth Management

Simplify the customer application and onboarding experience for wealth managers, creating an agile, efficient and mobile responsive experience for both client and adviser.


Accelerate the digital transformation for customer acquisition, onboarding, and claim servicing, creating a digital experience in a fraction of the time of traditional solutions.


Time to Market and Agility

With Temenos Journey Manager, launch sophisticated online account opening and onboarding applications in days or weeks, not months or years. The agile platform enables continuous enhancement and responsiveness to changing market opportunities. Monitor transaction pain points, iterate, release, and rapidly test to optimize customer experience and account opening results.



Seamless Omni Channel Experience

Customer expectations have increased when it comes to the digital world. They expect speed, simplicity, and convenience. More than 40% of checking account applications and 51% of personal loan applications come from a mobile device. The Temenos Journey Manager Platform creates a seamless omni-channel account opening experience across digital, call center, and branch.



Build on a Platform

With Temenos’s account opening solutions, revolutionize your digital onboarding without touching core systems. Time to market becomes weeks, not months, and our agile platform enables easy continuous enhancement. Financial institutions can build their specific user experience taking advantage of all the platform services.

Customer Centric Experience

Create a simple customer-friendly experience, improving conversion rates across all product lines. Financial institutions see reduced abandonment and increased cross-sales within weeks of implementation. Customers enjoy a streamlined application process.



Security and Compliance

Avoka, a Temenos company, has solved security and compliance concerns for some of the top 100 financial institutions in the world as well as government agencies. KYC, AML, PII, HIPAA, and disclosure requirements are all built in to the platform. Avoka boasts a 99.9% SLA and offers 24×7 support.  For more information visit www.avoka.com