Avoka Services

The Accutive Financial Services team is trained and certified on the Avoka platform. We offer a full range of services for the product including implementations, customizations, integrations, upgrades, and more. Our Professional Services team can assist with your Avoka digital transformation project from start to finish.  Accutive Financial Services is a trusted partner of Avoka.





Accutive Financial Services has proven expertise with Avoka implementations and can help you leverage the power, flexibility and scope of the platform.  Accutive supports you through all phases of planning, design and implementation.


Accutive Financial Services experts are trained and experienced in customizing the Avoka application to meet your business needs. All customizations are done within application development best practices and will ensure future customizations run smoothly.

Composer to Maestro Upgrades

Upgrade from Composer to Maestro with Accutive Financial Services.  Our experienced team can help update your current version of the Avoka Platform to utilize new functionality.


Maximize your Avoka platform ROI by leveraging our Professional Services team’s expertise in integrating Avoka with your other core business applications.

QA and Testing

Our QA experts can help facilitate the smooth implementation of your Avoka project by ensuring quality objectives are met throughout the project lifecycle.

Resource Augmentation

Expand your team’s capabilities and knowledge by augmenting your current resources with our trained and certified Avoka Platform Professional Services team.