Systems Integration to Enhance Your Business Performance

Today’s evolving technology landscape presents a challenge to organizations of all sizes as they are faced with overcoming complex systems integrations in order to better serve their business, partners, vendors, and customers. Your unique business processes are what set you apart from your competitors; however, many organizations are faced with business processes that are heavily reliant on the manual input of data or the need to access multiple systems and sources of data to perform daily tasks.
Accutive’s systems integration specialists can help you overcome this complexity and its associated challenges. Accutive offers a range of services including systems development, platform and solution integration, functional testing and quality assurance services, all coordinated by the application of strong program and project management.


Systems Development

Key Areas Include:

  • Custom application development – .NET, J2EE, and others
  • Application design and architecture services
  • Application modernization

Accutive works closely with our customers’ business and technical specialists to analyze key requirements and derive the technical design of software applications and associated integrations. We align with your preferred development and implementation methodology – agile, traditional, or a hybrid – to ensure effective communication and delivery throughout each phase of the development process.

Platform and Solution Integration

Key Areas Include:

  • Service Oriented Architecture services
  • Platform and solution integration
  • Business Process Management (BPM)

Understanding the business issues is key to developing an effective architecture. Accutive’s experience assisting customers with the architecture, design, and development of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and other integration platform solutions to allow information sharing and management between business partners, processes, and systems–and to help enable effective end-to-end business processes.

Application Architecture

Key Areas Include:

  • Architecture design
  • Architecture assessment
  • Architecture optimization

Accutive’s specialists bring a deep understanding of software architecture design patterns, frameworks and methodologies, technology platforms, as well as reference architectures to each engagement. This experience is brought to bear across all aspects of a typical architecture engagement thereby ensuring consistency throughout the design, documentation, and implementation of your application architecture.

Functional Testing and QA

Key Areas Include:

  • Testing requirements development
  • Testing and QA strategy
  • Test script development
  • Performance testing

Accutive’s functional testing and quality assurance services help achieve the desired business results from your technology investments. Accutive’s testing and QA process takes a rigorous approach to ensure your peace of mind. Accutive provides services encompassing the articulation of testing and QA strategies to developing and executing test scripts, performance testing, load testing and automated testing.